For Sūkṣma Marma® Therapy we use special marma oils, called Adhimarma Oils.

These oils are created by Dr.Schrott and Oshadhi company, one of the world’s best aroma and oils specialists and suppliers, with a background of expertise in Ayurveda, experience of marmas in one’s own consciousness and knowledge of herbs.

The oils contain and radiate vedic vibrations, the primordial sound of nature, which gives specialised healing and blissful effects to the oils.

Choosing the (right) oil for a marma treatment involves a special ritual, it is essential and individualised for the purpose of each holistic treatment so is an important choice. Choosing the right oil depends on need of the patient and their imbalances or diseases.

Effects of Essential Oils on Marmas

Adhimarma oils:
•  Enliven the body’s inner intelligence and restore wholeness.
• Enliven and strengthen the Prāna (life force)
•  Absorb and neutralize negative vibrations of a disease
•  Neutralize pheromones

By using specially created oils for Marma therapy, the treatment becomes a therapy for all the senses, for mind, body and spirit, and it is unique.

Fragrance and Love.
These are two things that can not be hidden.

– Lord Gohar Shaki –