There is no cosmetics for beauty like happiness

– Lady Blessington –

What is Beauty?

Creams alone will not do the job. Cosmetics companies make billions of euros of profit claiming miracles especially with anti-ageing products. But there is no miracle, there is only a holistic approach to a healthy, beautiful appearance and that needs time.

Mirror of the Soul , Mirror of the organs

The skin is our biggest organ and literally displays our health; what we eat, what we think, what we are, our emotions, even lack of self-confidence and how we deal with stress- all these aspects show up on our skin.

Every organ in our body goes through physical, mental, emotional and spiritual processes. That is why we need a holistic approach.

Holistic beauty is a complex approach. It includes diet, lifestyle and products for a skin care regime and it also means consulting, considering and caring for every individual holistically.

Harmonising body, mind and soul will reflect on your skin

Grey, tired skin and wrinkles are not just the result of skin damage, poor care or no care at all. They are also a memories of stress, bad diet and a whole spectrum of emotions. If we want to be beautiful we must create a whole and happy inner life; change our thoughts, emotions and habits and these changes should happen in steps on a daily basis. Miracles don’t come over night.

There is always a good time and a right time to start doing something for yourself and for your beauty and for the start of a healthy life. So don’t worry if you think that is too late for a change.


Fresh, Rejuvenation, Beauty by Marma Facial Treatment

Regular Sūkṣma Marma treatments are one of the most important steps for Health inner and outer being /beauty. The aim of the (marma) beauty holistic method is to harmonize the body, mind and soul.

With Sūkṣma Marma we touch the innermost self and enliven its expression of purity, beauty, intelligence, cosmic energy, recreating and refreshing mind and body. The effect is similar to deep rest in meditation. With Sūkṣma Marma we stimulate body and skin to heal itself and it has numerous positive effects.

You must develop all aspects of your Self not just your appearance

– Pratima Raichur –

Beautiful heart

Start to meditate:
silence has so many things to say. It can help you to find who you really are.

Start giving and enjoy giving:
start being not becoming.

Rebuild the beauty in you:
read an uplifting spiritual book and enjoy the sweetness of the soul that is already there, not something to strive for.


Satisfy your soul, satisfy your body, satisfy your mind

It is hard to divide these three, but let’s try to make it like a to-do list:

Satisfy your soul:

meditate regularly, spend time with kids or animals, help others who need more than you, like homeless people, kids in hospital or those without parents, without expecting any reward in return.

Satisfy your body:

walk in nature, do yoga asanas, take part in moderate sport, eat balanced pranic healthy food

Satisfy your mind:

start and finish your day with gratefulness for what you have, reread your favourite book from childhood, surround yourself with optimistic and uplifting news and people, learn something new, be creative and find a hobby.

The essence of all beauty, I call love …

– Elizabeth Barrett Browning –